Abacus Education-Will It Conflict With School Method Of Teaching Mathematics?

Few people have in their mind an apprehension that the child at their young age gets confused with the method of teaching of mathematics at school and abacus training.

Few parents who are concerned with the academic performance of their wards are also equally concerned and raise this question. The following points will definitely relieve them of the apprehension.

How Can The Abacus Mental Arithmetic Help The School Work?

Most of young children start to learn numbers by counting their fingers. In the initial days of their learning numbers they are taught with this practice as the fingers are the immediate available counting tools for them. It is difficult for them to comprehend numeric relationships beyond the number 10 for lack of countable objects. Few other tools are employed as he /she grows. Using regular mathematics, children can use nothing but limited memory and brain power to solve arithmetic problems. Arithmetic skill can be trained in different ways. However, resolving a mathematical problem quickly and accurately is not always accomplished by every child, under normal method of learning of mathematics.

Evidence Shows That Those Who Have Taken The Abacus Program Will Have The Following Advantages:

Abacus presents multi-digit numeric relationships in a concrete slider / bead based system. Using an abacus, young children can relate number values and comprehend the concepts of mathematics easily. Therefore, the abacus mathematics has an edge over mathematics that is presented to children in an abstract form.

Abacus learning method establishes numeric relations in a clear and logical way for small children. The abacus image memory training at the first instance develops visualization which will improve concentration and elevate memory of a child. Abacus education is for brain development, to improve the right side brain abilities and to improve the information processing between the brains. So, once the ability of brain functions improves all the area of brain functions will help to succeed in their life for their life time.

Will Abacus Training Conflict With School Method Of Teaching Mathematics?
  • It should not conflict significantly. If a child starts the Abacus program prior to or concurrent with traditional methods, there is minimal conflict and the child will easily work with both systems. If a child starts the Abacus program later, having already received traditional foundations, there may be a slightly extended learning period (approximately 3 months) for the child to accept and integrate the abacus method.

  • The child should follow whatever method the teachers use in school. Once the child learns the method and moves to higher classes, the child can use Abacus method to work out those sums / to re-check their answers, but he can easily use both the methods for calculation.

  • The students who are good in mathematics are also benefited from the abacus learning methods. As the child is relieved of the mechanics of arithmetic, the child can focus his attention on more advanced concepts in mathematics.

  • As said earlier, as the main benefit is whole brain development through abacus education resulting in Visualisation, increased concentration, listening skill and enhanced memory the abacus education plays a vital role to better the academic performance.

  • In the Abacus based system we use arithmetic as a number based concept to help the child overcome phobias and difficulties with numbers that they may have been exposed to learning in a rote method or abstract way.

  • Abacus education, not only improves the mathematics and creates interest on mathematics, it also helps to improve overall academic skill and helps to tackle the day-to-day challenges. The child acquires the skills of imagination, innovation, creativity, comprehension and problem solving capacity.

  • Hence the abacus learning is no way in conflict with school way of teaching mathematics, but complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in schools, and helps students to overcome the fears of mathematics, if any, and gain confidence.

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