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Features Of The Products 

  1. Salient features of the products are, Unhide and hide the color images: The student while operating this Abacus moves the Lower and the Upper sliders to unhide and hide the color images which represent values. The display of color images and specific values makes the visualization many times better, stronger, faster, stress-free and error-free calculation when compared to the earlier Abacus. 

  2. Indian Abacus – Digital for students, is designed for Online and Off-line coaching by connecting the PC or LAPTOP through USB portal and enable the children to learn - practice - test the abacus skills online - anywhere and anytime.

  3. Indian Abacus – Digital for Tutors, is designed for use by Tutors in the classroom for training the students. The hardware & software, MP3 player, Remote Control which is part of the tool enable the display of the answers of the calculations on the LCD and LED screen.

  4. The sliders stay put in the positions when the Abacus is vertically viewed while working and values don't get changed, and the Sliders are stable and firm, and thereby the answers will be perfect.

  5. Zero value positions: The slider's position showing colors which sink with cream color back round are considered as zero value position.

  6. Stress-free view: The color and no - color positions of slider remove the confusions and the pessimistic view.

Benefits Of Indian Abacus Product And Programme

  1. The purpose of our efforts to develop the Indian Abacus was to make the learning of the abacus based skills by children, Easier, faster and stress - free with particular focus to facilitate the children to learn numbers and identify them as colour images, to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide them in doing the calculations.

  2. The Indian Abacus is an educational counting tool for learning to do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, more particularly it helps in enhancing their brain skills such as CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION, Listening Skill, Self Confidence, speed, and Accuracy by activating the right brain.

  3. Helps students to overcome the fears of mathematics and Academic excellence in all subjects.

  4. Mental Math: Initially the child moves the Sliders in the Physical Abacus to do arithmetic sums. After 3 level, the Child imagines the Abacus in its mind and can do arithmetic sums without the use of the physical Abacus.

  5. The Abacus based Mathematical skills remains in the brain as long-term memory throughout their life and helps in their career development which in turn add to the human asset of the country.

  6. Indian Abacus tool for Tutor can be used in the Play Schools to teach numbers as a learning apparatus for the younger children of the age group 2 - 5 years.

End User

  1. All children of 5 – 13 years.

  2. Women entrepreneur – who runs franchise center.

  3. Tutor - Who teach Abacus course in the school.

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