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Racers - Level 4

  • Concentration skills strengthen appreciably.

  • Increased speed in Fingering Exercise results in speed in calculation.

  • Visualization skills stretch further and the range increases.

  1. Addition and subtraction

  2. Abacus: 2 - Digit ( 6, 7 rows ); 1, 2 - Digit ( 8 rows ); 1, 2 ,3 - Digit ( 7 rows ); 3 - Digit ( 4, 5 rows ) 

  3. Mental: 1- Digit ( 7, 8 rows ); Multiplication: 2 - Digit by 1- Digit (Abacus & Mental)

Skills Acquired    
  1. Range of Visualization of colour images enhances to multiple slots multiple slider/images.

  2. Accomplishment of more complex tasks develops into Self-confidence and over all improvement in the brains skills – Concentration, Vizualization and Listening, leading to faster calculations, striking accuracy.

Course Duration    

3 months*​

*The student should work at home for a minimum of 10 - 15 minutes for practice / learn the skills

Level completion certificate

Will be issued immediately from the date successful completion of the Level, after completing the work in the prescribed books. The level would take at least 3 months to complete.

Image Flash

Image Flash is the activity which is done to give larger scope for the students to read Abacus slider images representing values using which the students could have extended practice and also better assessment of their skills in reading the values of images at a speed. Flash Cards were used earlier, but with the advent Indian Abacus program now the students have scope to view a limitless number of images. With the usage skills to read the constantly changing image values, students experience better challenges which ultimately enhance their Visio-spatial memory skills necessary to perform better in doing faster and accurate mental arithmetic skills by the image of Abacus. Speed and accuracy in performing Mental Arithmetic by image of Abacus indirectly reflect their Concentration & Memory skills.

The Abacus Tutor during Image Flash session alerts the students to focus on the activity of reading the values of slider images. The Abacus tutor would after saying Start manipulates the sliders of the tool - Indian Abacus – Tutors continuously to make the students read the images one after the other and write down the number-value of each of such images flashed on the on the Tutor’s Abacus and they should write the number values on their note books. The Abacus Tutor actually writes down a series of numbers – Single, double, triple, 4 digits, as the case may be, on a paper first and during the activity, she would manipulate the sliders looking at the numbers she wrote down which the students read and write.

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