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The birth of Indian Abacus - Digital, both Student's and Teacher's versions is a solution to win over the inadequacies and the limitations that hindered the effective usage of the abacus in bringing out the best of skills in children.

Message from Chairman and Managing Director 

Inventor - Indian Abacus

Abacus based mental arithmetic skills enable children to exhibit their Concentration, Visualization, and Listening skills, which are the basis for the children trained in abacus computation to excel in doing fast and accurate mental arithmetic. Indian Abacus company with its stature as the first to introduce Abacus education in India 17 years ago has been able to establish an enviable record in developing lakhs of children with these extraordinary skills. Abacus based calculations and the training to achieve the skills have become very essential and every parent today likes to provide an opportunity to his / her children to learn these skills.


The brain skills that the children acquire take them ahead in their academic performances as these skills help children in learning faster, enable better memory and escalate their confidence levels distinctly. Indian Abacus company with the thirteen-year-background of knowledge and experience has developed advanced versions of the abacus device, the robust features of which enhance learning and memory skills further in the students trained in Indian Abacus program. Indian Abacus company with the sophisticated design and features of the device and ideally matching and child-friendly program promises to deliver much-enhanced skills keeping the children at a better comfort level than ever before.


As an inventor of the devices and also as the head of the organization I am much pleased to offer the program to the children of the age group 5 to 13 years, who can have access to brain skills of much enhanced quality using Indian Abacus device and the program which together take abacus skills to a new level. I consider it a great honor to be able to continue to serve in the children's education from the new position. I wish all the children a great learning experience from Indian Abacus company.



To my mind, Education always remained a much-respected need. The inclination to take up Education as the service-oriented avocation was thus born in me. The opportunity to be associated with Kids education and that too in a field, untouched by others gave a great feeling. From the day one Abacus & Mental Arithmetic fell on my lap, I considered it a God-given opportunity and started pursuing the same with great devotion, respect, and care, such that I make it a possession of every child in the country/world. Offering education to children is a direct contribution to future of the country. It is a great feeling to be one of the contributors to the country's future. It gives utmost satisfaction.

Pilot Project (2016 - 2017) of Indian Abacus program for Government Schools Children: As per the Direction from Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Department of School Education & Literacy, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, the Director, Directorate of Elementary Education, DPI Campus, Chennai Tamil Nadu has asked us to do a Pilot Project of Indian Abacus program for Government Schools Children in two Districts of Tamil Nadu on 3rd August 2016. Accordingly, we are executing a Pilot Project in Villupuram and Vellore districts for 2500 students, and 90 teachers are trained in Basic level of Abacus Program to teach Abacus for the children of 5 - 13 years children of PUMS - Panchayat Union Middle School. The entire program is of free of Cost. The 1st level is completed by the students, and 2nd level is in progress after 2nd level training is given to the teachers and the necessary course materials also provided to the children.


Pilot Project (2007 - 2008) of Abacus program for Government Schools Children: Invitation from Director, Directorate of Elementary Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, for Pilot Project giving Abacus based Mental Arithmetic coaching to the 3rd, 4th & the 5th class students, 5000 students from 50 schools in Tamil Nadu and also train 100 school teachers to train the students in the year of 2007 - 2008.

Basheer Ahamed 

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