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Salient Features Of
The Products 

The sliders stay put in the positions

when the Abacus is vertically viewed while working and values don't get changed and the Sliders are stable and firm and thereby the answers will be perfect



Whereas in the conventional Abacus the beads fall down and the values change while viewing the Abacus in a vertical position.

Unhide and hide the colour images

The student while operating this Abacus moves the Lower and the Upper sliders to unhide and hide the color images which represent values. The display of color images and specific values makes the visualization many times better, stronger, stress-free and error-free calculation, when compared to the earlier / conventional Abacus.


Whereas in the Conventional Abacus the colored sliders are not available. It is not possible to unhide and hide, and the beads are always visible.

Stress free view 

Whereas in the conventional Abacus the Beads are uniform in colour and therefore the distinction between the value and non-value beads is very difficult.



The colour and non-colour positions of slider remove the confusions and the disturbing view and thereby understanding and Memory registry becomes easier.

Zero value positions 

Whereas in the conventional Abacus the Zero value positions not available, because of the dull and same colour of the beads and always visible



The slider's position showing colours which sink with cream colour back round are considered as zero value position which is logically possible when the sliders are closed or hidden.

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