• Mrs. Vimala - Parent

    My daughter aged 10 years is studying in 4th standard. After joining Indian Abacus her listening skills, memory recall, mentally calculating speed of arithmetic work improved a lot now. She had gained extra interest in all other activities like drawing, dance etc. As a parent, I feel proud of her rank she got in academic side. Indian Abacus has definitely helped improve her capabilities, which we have observed very closely. Thanks to Indian Abacus.

  • Mrs. Preethi - Parent

    My daughter K. Vandana in 5th Std was good in 1st and 2nd standard. After that she is little dull, slow in listening and playful. I was searching for Abacus coaching and many advised to join Indian Abacus coaching. I approached Indian Abacus where I was received well and explained about Indian Abacus program.

    After joining Indian Abacus she is very much interested and learning abacus playfully. Now she is doing well and wants to complete all the 8th levels. She has improved gets energy and active in her studies. I am happy and Vandana's principal notice the improvement in her studies. Thanks to Indian Abacus.

  • Mrs. Kumutha - Parent

    Indian Abacus product is an important product and program
    for future not only in India but also to other countries. Presently for Maths learning, conventional Abacus with beads is used but Indian Abacus has developed something beyond that in the field of Abacus Education. While using Indian Abacus our mind will not get diverted because of color sliders. Our memory, concentration and skill will go in the same direction & get developed. which in turn used for learning other subjects.  It is very useful and can face any future challenges. By using this Abacus not only children but elders also can learn.improvesThe student’s in the age group 5 -13 years the skill such as Concentration will not have the chance of diversion. The concentration and memory


  • Manigandan - Student

    I joined Indian Abacus center in the year 2015. I was then an average student and after joining Indian Abacus I realized phenomenal improvement in my studies. My mental and analytical skills improved which enabled me to top the class in studies. Thanks to Indian Abacus which moulded me as a skillful and competent individual in this competitive world. I thank Indian Abacus, my centre head, Abacus tutor and also my partents for giving an opportunity.

  • Ritheshri S - Student

    I was just a student above average. It was after Indian Abacus, my hidden talents started coming out. Though I had a little interest in singing, it was Indian Abacus which, helped me bring forth the entire singing skills and thereafter developed drawing. It also helped me improve my handwriting - neat and speed.

  • Pritesh - Student

    The daily practice of Indian Abacus for about 30 minutes also helped improve concentration, memory, visualization and confidence in me. And now I can prepare any school project on my own. My experience from Indian Abacus education is that helps me assimilate ideas and manifest these ideas into reality. Indian Abacus really is a natural knowledge dispenser.

  • Mrs. Valga - Abacus Tutor

    I am Valga working as a teacher in Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya Peravurani. I learned level one in the last academic year. The students were dull, neglected and couldn’t even identify latters. Such students could understand better and it reached them and their confidence level increased. My cofidence level was nil. As a teacher my confidence level increased rather than the student's confidence level. I was taught up to 3rd level and interested to learn further levels and wants to continue.

  • Mrs. Gayathri - Abacus Tutor

    First of all we do not know what is abacus! It has become easy to learn because of our Correspondent and we thank him. All students are very much interested to learn abacus and the parents have started telling that due to Abacus coaching their children learn better in maths.

  • Mrs. Sultana Bevi - Abacus Tutor

    By learning Abacus they will get 100/100 and can become experts in all subjects. Students confidence level increases. Wants to learn 2nd, 3rd and further levels. Multiplication, Division have to learn and they share their Abacus experience with other students. Their brain develops and knowledge increases and the student become proficient in all subjects. My requests that all student must learn abacus and share their experience with other students. By learning abacus students can become proficient not only in maths but in all subjects.


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The Objective of the product

and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

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