2016 - 2018

2300 Students
115 Teachers
56 Schools - Vellore & Viluppuram Districts Tamil Nadu

2007 - 2008

5000 Students
100 Teachers
50 Schools - Kanchipuram & Thiruvallur Districts Tamil Nadu

 Pilot Project for Government School Children 

Pilot Project executed for Government School Children by Indian Abacus during 
2016 - 17 in Tamil Nadu

As per the Direction from Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Department of School Education & Literacy, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, the Director, Directorate of Elementary Education, DPI Campus, Chennai Tamil Nadu has asked us to do a Pilot Project of Indian Abacus program for Government Schools Children in two Districts of Tamil Nadu on 3rd August 2016. Accordingly, we are executing a Pilot Project in Villupuram and Vellore districts for 50 schools, 2500 students and 105 teachers are trained in  Basic level of Abacus Program to teach Abacus for the children of 5 - 13 years children of PUMS - Panchayat Union Middle School.


The entire program is of free of Cost. The 1st level is completed by the students and 2nd level is in progress after 2nd level training is given to the teachers and the necessary course materials also provided to the children.

Pilot Projects for Government School 2007 - 2008

We executed Pilot Projects for Government Schools in the year
2007 - 08

Iunder instruction from Director of Elementary Education, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, for executing  Pilot Project in  Abacus based Mental Arithmetic Training for 3rd, 4th & the 5th class students, More than 5000 students from 50 schools  participated in the project and and also trained 100 Teachers to train the students in the year of 2007.

Government Schools children learning
Indian Abacus

Indian Abacus Tutor training for
Govt. School teachers