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What is an Abacus?

Abacus is a century-old math tool, used for calculation.It is used widely by many, mainly, the merchants and traders mostly in Asian and African countries and also in other parts of the world. Even though the oldest Abacus found is said to be as old as belonging to 300 BC, and were in use in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greek, Rome and India, its usages are much found in China and Japan.


It is divided into two regions, the upper region, and the lower region. The division is marked by a center rod which is called as a bar. It helps to do the mental calculation improving brains activity. It is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication division.

abacus or soroban

Online Abacus

Why Abacus?

The primary objective of the Abacus programme is to enhance the brain power upgrading the brain skills of the children. Higher academic performance not only in arithmetic but also in all subjects.


The main benefits acquired on account of the use of Abacus are:


  1. It removes the fear of mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

  2. Abacus education, not only improves the mathematics and creates interest in mathematics, but it also helps to improve overall academic skill and helps to tackle the day-to-day challenges and boosts confidence problem-solving capacity.

  3. It enables spatial ability which is applied in areas such as Science, Architecture, Engineering, etc.

  4. Research by eminent physicians have further established that the left hemisphere of the Brain, referred to as the digital brain, provides analytical information and controls reading, writing, calculation, logical thinking, etc. and the right hemisphere, referred to as the analog brain, controls three-dimensional sense, creativity, and artistic senses. Science has proved that continuous use of abacus can develop the unused right-side of the brain which contributes to the whole brain development of individuals.

  5. Abacus Education helps dyslexic children, who lack proficiency in reading, spelling, and writing improve their numerical skills as these children sense by touching. All these stand and support as to why the use of Abacus is a must.  

  6. It harnesses the natural potential in a child.

  7. It allows children to understand numbers and place value concepts easily.

  8. It enables the child to acquire the skills of concentration, listening, speed, accuracy imagination, innovation, creativity, comprehension photographic memory.

Indian Abacus poster
indian abacus for student poster

Function of Abacus

Our brain gets stimulated through our sense organs, and there are sensory nerves and motor nerves which carry the information from the organs to the brain and also from the brain to the organs, the input for the brain has to come through your organs, so the beads are designed in such a beautiful way that when the children handle it with their fingers the nerve endings get stimulated which in turn stimulates the cells which are in the brain. So the left hand where it is used the cells on the right side of the brain are stimulated, and the right  hand is used the cells on the  left side are stimulated, both right and left brain work in coordination, visualizing is right brains activity, and interpreting is the left brains activity both go together and that is how the whole brain development is assured.

Advantages of Abacus learning

  • Whole Brain Development Programme.

  • Greater mental capacity.

  • Younger children easily learn numbers with fun.

  • Mathematical skills lay a secure foundation for higher classes.

  • Abacus education improves the skills of  Visualization (photographic memory), Concentration, Listening Skills, Memory, Speed, Accuracy, Creativity, Self Confidence, Self-Reliance resulting in Whole Brain Development.

  • Abacus based Arithmetic functions, calculations thereof enhance Concentration levels.

  • Calculations were done with Abacus, using the fingers of both the hands stimulate the brain – both the Right and Left Brain.

  • Helps kids learn primary number systems.

  • Helps Kids understand combinations of five and ten.

  • Helps kids visualize the math and develops mental calculations.

Virtual Abacus

When the child has mastered using the actual abacus tool in just a short time the children put aside the abacus and use the mental image of the abacus instead. They use this image to do complex arithmetic calculations in their hand since both right and left brain functions simultaneously the fact that scientist says it is due to new synapse formation in the brain. Also, that due to active finger movement increases blood flow to the brain. Thus increased oxygen flow nurtures brain development. On solving arithmetical problem mentally, kids become proud of his capacity, grow their confidence, dare to challenge with others, try and create himself all-rounder and achieve success in all areas.

Why Indian Abacus?

  • The color image of the abacus will be attracted by the young children which will quickly catch their memory, and that is the fundamental principle of Abacus—Number into picture and Picture into the number.

  • Visualization is the first and significant skill to be developed by the child.

  • Indian Abacus provides bright green and red color images. 

  • Colour images go deep into the memory of the Children and memorization becomes easier

  • Learning becomes more comfortable and stress-free.

  • Shorter learning curve.

How Indian Abacus is unique?

  • Colored Sliders Images.

  • Robust & Easy to use.Stress-free View.

  • Error-free calculation.

  • No placement of Unit Pointer Column.

  • Numbers for the Columns.

  • Flash Cards Not Necessary.

  • Visual - friendly background.

  • The emergence of Colour images for values.

  • Active Learning – No stress Colourfull & Attractive.

  • The teacher can see the answer from anywhere clearly After calculation, the child can hold abacus in any form and the sliders will not fall.

Hence Indian Abacus is recommended.

Abacus based Mental Arithmatic-Results in Mind Math

  • The child, while doing arithmetic calculations, moves sliders in the imaginary Abacus and the resultant bright color image is converted as number and the quick answer comes within few seconds.

  • After 3 levels, the Child imagines the Abacus in its mind and can do Abacus sums without using physical Abacus.

  • Mental Arithmetic by image of Abacus enables to compute at a speed which can be compared to that of Maths geniuses and child prodigies.

  • They are 6 times faster than NON-ABACUS learners.


1. What is abacus classes?

Abacus classes are educational programs that teach students how to use the abacus, which is a century-old math tool used for calculation. These classes help students develop mental calculation skills and improve brain activity. The abacus can be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. At Indian Abacus, students of any age between 5 to 13 years can start learning

2. What is the use of abacus?

The Indian Abacus is an educational counting tool that helps children learn to do fast and accurate mental arithmetic. It enhances brain skills such as concentration, visualization, listening skills, self-confidence, speed, and accuracy by activating the right brain. The abacus can be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also helps students overcome the fear of mathematics and achieve academic excellence in all subjects.

3. Why abacus is important?

The primary objective of the Abacus program is to enhance the brain power and upgrade the brain skills of children. It helps in removing the fear of mathematics by making arithmetic calculations easier. Abacus education not only improves mathematics skills but also overall academic skills, problem-solving capacity, and boosts confidence. It also enables spatial ability, which is applied in areas such as Science, Architecture, Engineering, etc. Abacus helps develop analytical information and controls reading, writing, calculation, logical thinking, and more.

Indian Abacus product and program through
Online Skype learning with tutor help

We teach Abacus and Mental Arithmetic On-line. Skype is one of the best software tools to teach Abacus and Mental Arithmetic On-line. You require the following basic infrastructure to be able to offer online coaching to your child. All you need is a PC / Laptop with Web com, Broadband connection and a Headset / Microphone for teaching On-line.

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