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FREE Indian Abacus Online Self Learning Portal

An all-in-one online Abacus Self Learning Program. Useful to know the basics of using Abacus

Works on

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Requirements: Laptop or PC  and Active Internet Connection

Indian abacus Kids doing abacus online class in smartphone and laptop

20 Years of Experience in the field of Abacus Education

The curriculum developed makes it simpler and quicker for the children to understand the concepts, as visual aids are given to help them learn. Children would really enjoy learning anywhere and at any time and find that the on-line self-learning program is the best alternative for classroom learning.

What you'll learn

  1. Solve simple Additions and Subtractions

  2. Able to perform small Mental Arithmetic Sums

  3. 1 digit - 3 rows, 1 & 2 digits - 3, 4 & 5 rows.

  4. How to use Abacus ?

  5. Adding and Subtraction from 1 to 4


  1. Know numbers form 1-100

  2. Basic operations like addition and subtraction

  3. Optional: An abacus would be helpful

Benefits of Abacus training

  • Abacus based Mental Arithmetic System

  • Whole-Brain development program

  • Improves lifelong brain skills such as Concentration, Mathematics, Creativity, Listening, Visualization and Photo Memory

  • Discover and bring out the hidden potential of children

  • Does Mental calculations without using the Abacus tool.

  • Removes the fear of mathematics

  • Makes math fun to learn.

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Skills Acquired

  1. Manipulating the abacus beads representing the numbers initially a little slowly, the child's speed increases with more and more sums, resulting in a quick calculation. 

  2. Concentration skills grow because of – growing interest in abacus-based calculations for learning. 

  3. Relating numbers to pictures.

Indian Abacus Online Self Learning Portal

An all-in-one online Abacus Self Learning Program

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