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Indian Abacus Now in

Kuwait and GCC

Indian Abacus based Mental Arithmetic program Seminar for teachers of Al Najat Schools, Salmiya, Conducted by the National franchise of Indian Abacus Kuwait and GCC.
Indian abacus Kuwait and GCC organized One-day seminar on Indian abacus product and concept presentation & demonstration on the 22nd of November, 2018 at Al Najat School, Salmiya Kuwait.

There were around 100 attendees and 65 teachers were attending the seminar from Al Najat Schools. The two hours seminar began at 6.00 PM with a welcome address by Mr. Majed Al Hamidi, Administrative Support Manager, which was followed by introduction of product and program speech by the Chairman and Managing Director and Inventor – Indian Abacus of Indian Abacus Private Limited Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed, in which he had highlighted the current scenario of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic in general and Indian Abacus position in particular in the world. The importance of the Abacus tutors’ role in the Nation-building as they have the opportunity to make children extraordinarily brilliant. Abacus tutors’ role was lauded & the importance of their being extraordinary was highlighted.

Mr. Waleed Solaiman Chief trainer of Indian Abacus Kuwait and GCC. had the audience spellbound by his highly effective presentation of Indian Abacus product and Mental Arithmetic gave a short and effective presentation on how the quality of Indian Abacus Course content and training are helping the Children and schools. And he also explained about the formulae, speed writing, Practising oral sums and how to hold and use the Abacus and pencil to children and tutors.

Mr. Mohammad another chief trainer spoke about the women folks’ increasing interest in the entrepreneurial activity. Coaching the children add to the passion for teaching. The increased popularity for Abacus based Mental Arithmetic has exposed the Abacus tutors’ to face challenges like tackling the moody children, slow learners, overconfident children, apart from expectation of parents who look for increased value addition. And he also explained the benefits of Abacus and skills attained by the children.

The open session had little significance surprisingly as only a few queries were posed to the Inventor of Indian Abacus and answers were given to the satisfaction of the trainees.
The Seminar, The abacus tutor had felt, was very useful since it added to their effectiveness. All of them thanked Mr. N. Basheer and National franchisee of CAMS Training Centre for Kuwait and GCC., for their efforts in promoting the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic concept in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

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