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Indian Abacus is Unique

Indian Abacus stand unique on following structures compared to others in the world:

  • We are the pioneer to introduce Abacus Based Education in India.

  • We are the first to introduce Digital Abacus for Students and Teachers in the world.

  • We trained thousands of trainers for lakhs of students.

  • We have professional trainers to train abacus teachers / tutors.

  • Schools / Students who joined conventional abacus are switching over to Indian Abacus program because of new generation tool abacus which is totally stress free learning and digital technology.

  • We have effective training methodology and Training manuals / materials for all Levels to create efficient trainers.

  • We are in the Abacus based education servicenearly two decades and hence it is needless to say that we have rich experience in the field of Abacus based Mental Arithmetic Education.

  • Others use the age old conventional Abacus whereas Indian Abacus is unique in design, colored images, good looking background & totally stress free and not on par with others

  • We have our Franchise Management System where in all Centre / school Operations can be done by all Franchises / schools.

  • We have the SKYPE online Abacus Training Facility and our Digital Abacus is compatible with Computer.

  • The digital version  can be fitted to any Computer with USB port and can be operated and a child can learn Abacus course - any where at any time.

  • Ours is a professionally managed company passing on maximum benefits to the Franchises.

  • We are ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified organisation.

  • Indian Abacus has footprints in Limca book of Records, Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records, Assist Book of Records and other records to follow.

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