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Join Indian Abacus Mental Arithmetic Revolution

Multiply your wealth and be part of an educational change with Indian Abacus  Mental Arithmetic Business Franchisee

Are you worried, but aspiring to do abacus business?

Benefits of our Abacus Franchise

Indian Abacus guides you with less investment and more profit-oriented business concept. Franchisees can generate money flow from the day one.

You will be associated with well-reputed brand and leader in Abacus Education

You can immediately get into the business and start teaching Abacus Education to children.

We provide systematic training and business guidance.

You will be appraised about the latest developments taking place in Indian and Abroad.

You get access to established standard procedures.

You will be motivated to expand business opportunity.

Here is the answer

Indian Abacus is the pioneer and leader in Abacus based Mental Arithmetic Skill training since 1999. Indian Abacus spread across the country and the world who has a rich experience in guiding Franchisees and leading them in right path.

Take Indian Abacus Franchisee and become a boss of your own enterprises and give employment opportunities to other housewives too by making them tutors of your institution.


There is no need to scare about other abacus centres because ours is unique and preferred by most of the children as Indian Abacus is easy to hold, stress-free learning, colourful slider images and beautiful cream background.

Is Indian Abacus Suitable for you?
  • Indian Abacus Franchisee can be a fitting opportunity, especially for the Housewife.

  • Indian Abacus does not have business competition because of the unique abacus, high-quality books, periodical assessment, immediate certification after assessment, issuing books immediately on completion of the level.

  • 24x7 back up services. Parents are being attracted by the new abacus tool.


"By learning Abacus they will get 100/100 and can become experts in all subjects. Students confidence level increases. Wants to learn 2nd, 3rd and further levels. Multiplication, Division have to learn and they share their Abacus experience with other students. Their brain develops and knowledge increases and the student become proficient in all subjects. My requests that all student must learn abacus and share their experience with other students. By learning abacus students can become proficient not only in maths but in all subjects"

Are you a Housewife Looking for abacus franchise opportunity?

Achievements of Indian Abacus

Assist Book of Records

Asia Book of Records 

India Book of Records

Lead Your Own Abacus Business 

We are on the lookout for entrepreneurs to join Indian Abacus family!
If you:

  • can devote your full time and energy to run Indian Abacus Franchisee

  • can be passionate enough to impart excellent training and working with children.

  • have a solid business ethics and a good moral character.

  • are financially stable and capable to run an Indian Abacus Franchisee.

Then you are the right person we are looking for. So call us or mail us without losing time

With over 350 centres spread across
4 countries… and keep growing! Join the
Indian Abacus Family!

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