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Introduce Indian Abacus proprietary abacus learning program at your school

Help kids at your school Learn abacus math most engagingly and, at the same time, develop the skills that make them ready for the future.

Our Partner Schools

Over 90+ schools have a tie-up with Indian Abacus

Learn math Easier, Faster and Stress-Free

Why Indian Abacus?

  • Indian Abacus has rich experience in Abacus based mental arithmetic skill development program.

  • Our Program teaches skill management techniques that activate the infinite hidden potential of the human brain and its practical use.

  • The newly invented Indian Abacus Tool helps students work mental calculations with higher speed and accuracy.

  • Indian Abacus children acquire skills for lifetime skill enhancement, which makes them apply the knowledge in all areas throughout their life.

Indian Abacus studen doing mental math

Highlights of the Program

Critical Areas in the Program

  • Promoting Cognitive development

  • Time-based Concept

  • Math readiness

  • Inculcating Life-long learning skills

Cognitive development

Math readiness

Time-based Concept

Life-long learning skills

Proven Results

Why schools continue to engage with us?

  1. Love for the Indian Abacus approach of Skill Development

  2. Incremental revenue with limited commitment

  3. Differentiating from the majority of the schools

  4. School could put spare capacities of space, time, and their manpower to better use and provide skill supporting activity to the children of the school.

  5. ​The incomes for the school center will be mainly from the coaching fee and a marginal revenue from the cost of the New Student Kits.

  6. Attractive fee structure for schools from as low as INR 380 per level

indian abacus student doing arithmetic sums
Schools Requirement

Minimum School Requirements

  1. Assign a sufficient number of teachers to conduct the abacus classes

  2. Ensure that no person other than the Indian Abacus certified teacher shall deliver the Program

  3. Ensure that teaching sessions are held weekly 2hrs

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