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Fees Structure

Indian Abacus program into your budget!

Fees overview

  • Coaching:  Each Indian Abacus classroom is limited to a maximum of 17 students which enables each child to get personalized care from the tutor.

  • Personalized Training: Every classroom has a well trained and certified Indian Abacus Tutor who will help your child when they face difficulty in understanding any concepts making sure your child gets the most from their classes.

  • Affordable price to keep it simple: The abacus coaching fees for Indian Abacus offline classes starts from INR 1800/per Level for 3 Months and a one-time material cost of INR 1100. 

  • Students attend the class two days a week, staying for two hours.

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Get exact rates for your local Indian Abacus center

Each of our Indian Abacus centers is locally owned and operated by our franchisees, so pricing varies slightly by the center. 

For more Info call: 7200 227 227 

What our competitors don’t want you to know:
  • Our pricing is in the same range as any Abacus coaching companies even though we use state-of-the-art newly developed Indian Abacus tool.

  • Indian Abacus Pays You: Indian Abacus parents will tell you our programs are worth every penny because we get results. Moreover, we stand behind our results.

  • Get more for your money with Indian Abacus. Expert teachers And big-time results.

  • We serve a variety of students and Skills, from Children on the fast track to kids catching up. You can easily invest in your child's future with Indian Abacus. 

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