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When Is The Best Learning Age For Children?

According to an analysis on the development of nervous tissues, the development and growth of the nervous system begins from 4 to 6 years old with the quickest speed. The progression slows down after 12 years old when the growth has reached 75%. During the juvenile period, these cells will grow up to 90% of an adult or in other words, the liaison net of the nervous tissue has reached 90%. The greatest growth of the human brain is during 4 to 14 years old whereby during this period, the frequency of the brain waves increase gradually from theta (relaxing stage) to the alpha level (relax but conscious). Children in the alpha level are full of imagination and have quicker learning ability. As they grow older into their juvenile age (the beta level, the sober period), their thoughts become more complicated and rational, and more left-brained.

The relativity theory introduced in 1916 by Einstein shocked the science circles. He illustrated the Theory of Relativity as an outcome of an idea. He used his right brain to create an amazing journey of thought and used his left brain to develop a set of mathematical theories to explain the fairyland he saw. The drawing, composition, lines and models Pablo Picasso's sketches show mathematical and geometrical concepts.

In order to give equal weigh to the overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and left brain must be trained at the same time. Creativity is at its greatest only when both brains are communicating and co-operating with each other. The creativity of right brain need to be boosted by the information stored in the left brain, whereas the mathematical and physical abilities has to work together with the perception of space from the right brain in order to become excellent scientists, engineers, literati, designers and businessmen. Lack of creativity could be due to lack of co-operation between both brains. Therefore, as a parent to their children, in order to explore and enhance the children's intelligence and creativity, the best learning age for children is the age before fifteen.

The Indian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programme applies this principle to train both brains to work together as one whole creative brain.

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