Right or Left handed? it matters

Do you know that our brain is a complicated organ?

How would you feel when you watch somebody using his/her left hand primarily for all works?

Here comes the answer to all these questions.

Vidhya S. a student in one of the city’s well- known schools

The right part of the brain controls the left part of the body and vice versa. In most of us, the left part of the brain is better developed since the right hand is more prevalently used than the left

Well, there are no clear – cut reasons for the same.

According to some experts. The reason for the majority being right-handed dates back to ancient times.

When there were battles, a right-handed person held a shield in his left hand and left-handed held his shield his right hand. while the former had better chances of survival since the heart is on the left side of the body, the latter holding his shield in his right hand had more chances of getting injured around the heart.

Is this the reason for the majority being right-handed – probably yes, as it sounds logical.


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