Indian Abacus- Educating the children...

Indian Abacus- Educating the children, especially preparing them for their future, inculcating the soft skills in them- Concentration & Listening skills and giving them the weapon - Arithmetic proficiency, all these go to the credit of the great concept - Abacus Mental Arithmetic. The great subject needs great handling. IndianAbacus always engaged their efforts in perfecting this task. It would be a continuous task. Indian Abacus identified certain core areas, which collectively contribute to quality standards.

The company chose the TRAIINING as the first in the list and the quality of course material - ABACUS TOOL Books, etc., following it. There is a great responsibility in maintaining the quality. It is not only maintaining the existing standards, but upgrading the quality and maintaining the upgraded quality, on a continuous basis - never-ever promising & failing. More than all these, with

the large network Indian Abacus has, maintaining the quality standards is a task which calls for extreme levels of commitment. That Indian Abacus is able to do this gives great satisfaction. Indian Abacus believed in steady growth - may it be slow or a geared up process. Quality is only what one declares & continuously offers without failing. In this committed task, IndianAbacus continuously stuck to its doctrine & maintained its delivery/Basheer


An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution.

The Objective of the product

and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

  • ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified
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