Abacus Mental Arithmetic is “Arithmetic–working-on-Abacus”. The child works for two terms (Six months) on physical abacus and thereafter works on mentally visualized abacus. Since it’s an image based computation, the child does it more than six times faster and so much more mind’s focus will be on the working process. Where will the concentration go then? 100% accuracy in arithmetic computation with speeds of 6 times and more do not mean a small achievement. And this is possible only with total concentration of meditative quality and fine-frequency hearing, which only Abacus student can think of.

Abacus hence is a smart tool for one to do arithmetic calculations. It enables picture oriented arithmetic learning possible. Normally the children at the primary school levels find it difficult to understand the numbers, which are abstract. When the numbers are supported by the objects/pictures/visuals, they will be able to relate the abstract numbers  


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The Objective of the product

and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

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