Indian Abacus Franchise

Indian Abacus Franchise – it’s not G for genius, it’s Indian abacus and a genius. Do your kid needs help in maths? Do they face problems while solving those typical sums?

Well, to perform addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division in a practical and fun manner, the abacus is used from a very early time. It is also used for calculating square roots.

Now, here comes a franchise for giving such opportunities for the upcoming youth. Indian abacus franchise is the pioneer in abacus based mental arithmetic skills training from last 18 years. Mr. N. Basheer Ahmad had done a wonderful job by exploring such services for kids development since 1999. Abacus is a wonderful and fun instrument to learn number count. It was an old type of counting method with a wooden board that holds many rods and freely sliding beads on them. With the evolution of the world, Abacus has also gone through a lot of improvements. Indian inventor, Mr. Basheer Ahmad had transformed the old piece of knowledge to a more modern yet digital version. He found some flaw in the previous version of visual patterns which erases immediately once beads slide back to place. To overcome this problem, he tweaked it to the digital version where beads are replaced by chunky hexagon switches and the user has to flick these colorful switches to operate the abacus. For Indian abacus, visualization is an important aspect for better visual memory. In such digital abacus system, one can view the number as long as they want to. Kids, of the age group 5-13, can now learn easily, understand fastly and practice better to do fast and correct calculations visually. Because of Indian Abacus training programs, children not only improve their visualization power but also improves their imaginative and creative skills which will surely help them in their future. The target audience for this brand franchise is perfect because age of 5 is a crucial and most learning phase in a kids life. Indian Abacus has proved to be the best by breaking and seting many records in different books – 1.) Assist book of records 2.) Asia book of records 3.) India book of records Indian abacus has proved to be strong and qualitative because it offers unique type of teaching techniques. They are looking for an individual having the entrepreneur spirit to join them. Requirements for a franchise partner is – 1.) Full time and energy 2.) Passionate enough to provide training with excellency 3.) Can deal with children 4.) Have good moral characters 5.) Financially stable to run Indian Abacus Franchise Indian Abacus Franchise has also given an opportunity for the housewives to be independent. For tutors for their institution, they provide employment opportunities to housewives. They provide 24*7 back up services. Indian Abacus proved to be unique by their new tools, high quality books, assessments, assignments, certification etc. There are some franchise for Indian Abacus – 1.) Well defines business model 2.) Less investment 3.) Sustained profits and growths 4.) Easy business Every year or under some time span, Indian abacus organises some competitions with some rules and regulations. So that kids will able to get competitive skills and also enables quality recognition. Leaders as well as participating students are being motivated at the end of the competition by certificates, medals, trophies and gifts. You can also be the part of this franchise by connecting to them through their webpage. Also, you can motivate any kid around you to take part in the upcoming competition on 7th july of 2018 from 8am to 5pm in Chennai. For further information, you can go to their official 


An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution.

The Objective of the product

and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

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