Indian Abacus Oral Sums Competition was held on 24.12.2017 in memory of Maths Genius Sreenivasa Ramanujam’s birth anniversary. The competition started at 9.30 am with prayer. Students from Starters, Movers, Riders, Racers, Flyers and Endeavour level students participated in the Competition. Since more than 90 students participated in Starter level, two level competitions were held – Preliminary and Final levels. Shortlisted candidates in Preliminary level were qualified for Finals. Mr.Vijayakumar, Senior Trainer and Mr.N.Basheer Ahamed were the judges to finalise the winners.

Sums were dictated by Mrs.Shanthi. All Abacus Tutors co-ordinated nicely in various corners such as Registration by Mrs Sara Banu, Mrs Visalakshi and Mrs Yasoda. Competition rules were briefed by Mrs Yamuna & Nirosha, Mrs. Chitra & Mrs Jayanthi were supervising the students performance. Mrs Jayalakshmi co-ordinated for preparation of certificates. Mrs Kavitha and Mrs. Yashmin guided the students from Registration to Competition area.

Mr.Abdul Jaffar, Administration Manager, interviewed parents on the feed back about the Indian Abacus course held in 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar Center. Many parents thanked Mr.N.Basheer Ahamed for conducting this competition which is leading their kids to bring their talents in mental arithmetic. Some of the parents also told that their kids were benefited out of the course. One of the parents told that their kid has scored more marks in his academics and also courageous enough to face the competition.

Starter Final level competition was held at 12 Noon and five winners were selected and prizes with Certificate of Recognition were distributed by Mr.N.Bahseer Ahamed, Chairman & Managing Director, Indian Abacus Pvt Ltd and Inventor of world’s only Patented Indian Abacus. In order to motivate the I prize winner, an extra gift was given.

Subsequent level competitions were held at 2.00pm. 5 winners were selected each from Movers, Riders, Racers, Flyers and Endeavour and prizes were distributed by Mr.N.Bahseer Ahamed, Chairman & Managing Director, Indian Abacus Pvt Ltd and Inventor of world’s only Patented Indian Abacus. The competition came to an end at 5.00 pm after reciting National Anthem.

Between 3.00pm to 4.00 pm, Mrs.Vasanthi, one of the Indian Abacus Franchisees of Uma Maheshwari Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai conducted a mental sums demonstration.

Totally 160 Students participated enthusiastically in all the levels. Snacks also distributed for all the participants. Those who could not win in the competition were given “Certificate of Participation”.

Mr Manisekar, Marketing Manager organised the whole event and thanked all participants at the end of the competition.

Following are the winners of the Oral Sums Competition :

Starter I

Pragathi – I Prize

Vishvajith T – II Prize

Yazhiniyan – III Prize

Shriram – IV Prize

Rohith G – V Prize

Starter II

Tribiptagiri – I Prize

Sai Saran K – II Prize

Josh Krishna – III Prize

Prithish – IV Prize

Aditya Sai – V Prize


Hrishika Jain – I Prize

Deepika – II Prize

Yeshwanth J – III Prize

Trishala R J – IV Prize

Arjun Krishna – V Prize


Nithya Sai J – I Prize

Aravind Raj A – II Prize

Lithesh M – III Prize

Prajitha Varshini M – IV Prize

Santhosh Kumar – V Prize


Neil Nishanth S – I Prize

Kathiresan C H – II Prize

Sakthi Saravanan R – III Prize

Sai Balaji – IV Prize

Danush Balaji P – V Prize


Guru Sharan A V – I Prize

Lakshaa B – II Prize

Sudharshan B – III Prize

Muraari V – IV Prize

Mayuri V – V Prize


Syed Mustafa – I Prize

Thamizh Maran – II Prize



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