Message from Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed, CEO., Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd.,

National Level competition is a prestigious one and every student participating should take pride in their participation. Participation is the first stage of winning. Any competition will have winners and non-winners. I will not call them losers, as the non-winners also are capable of winning, only a little away from the Winning post. Congratulations to all the winners and the students who came here today for participating in the competition.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic Competition has always been very interesting to all those involved, since the challenge that is before the children is in two aspects. The Indian abacus children trained in Abacus Mental Arithmetic aim both speed and accuracy. The 5 – 6 times of speed with which the children do the mental arithmetic calculation amazes one and all. Indian abacus, as you know, using the new generation tool called Abacus, makes the children Mental Arithmetic proficient and also in the process make their mental skills such as Concentration and listening zoom up to predominant levels, thereby making their academic performance also scale up very well. You would observe that Indian Abacus students are good academic performers too.

I have to extend special thanks to the chief Guest Mr. S. Kanagasundaram, dignitories on the dias, and Mr.Mohamed Sulaiman, National Franchisee, Malaysia for successfully conducted this competition and our Special thanks to Mr. Ragu Ramasami, Brain Arithmetic.

I welcome all the students and their parents who have been supporting their learning. Children, who have won laurels in your state level competitions and here we wish you the best of performances.

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and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

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