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Picture of students participating in Abacus Competition in 2019

5th Indian Abacus National Level Competition - 2024 

Indian Abacus Products

State of the Art Abacus Product

The invention of Indian Abacus & Indian Abacus - Digital, both Student's and Tutor's versions provides the right answer to the long-lasting call for “Generation change” with the evolution to bring in greatly desired “Visualization” a vastly impacting skill factor.

IndianAbacus partnered with #NaanMudhalvan

Partnered with


Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation

Naan Mudhalvan logo
Tamilnadu Skill Development Corporation logo

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., and NAAN MUDHALVAN, Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC), Govt of Tamil Nadu, by Mrs J. Innocent Divya IAS, Managing Director in the presence of Dr M. Jayaprakasan, I.S.D.S., Chief Executive Officer of Naan Mudhalvan, to collaborate on improving Abacus based Math and skill development program in Government and Corporation schools/students in Tamil Nadu.

About us

  • Indian Abacus group company has rich experience in Abacus based mental arithmetic skill development program in India, since 1999.

  • The Program teaches skill management techniques that activate the infinite hidden potential of the human brain and its effective use.

  • The newly invented and patented, state-of-the-art Digital and non-Digital abacus helps students work mental calculations with higher speed and accuracy.

  • The program is specifically designed for children of 5 to 13 age group. Indian Abacus children acquire skills for lifetime skill enhancement which makes them apply the knowledge in all areas throughout their life.



We have trained more than 42000 students in India and other Countries. The numbers are increasing



As of 2023 Indian Abacus has tied up with more than 310 schools (Private and Government) across India 



There are more than 410 Franchise and 1750 Tutors trained by Indian Abacus



We have our presence in India, Spain, Malaysia, Canada and GCC countries 


"Indian Abacus kids show 5 times improvement than the non abacus learning kids"

Curriculum Model

Starters Level Logo

Foundation Level

1, 2

Racers Level Logo

Intermediate Level

3, 4, 5 

Achievers Level Logo

Advanced Level

6, 7, 8

Course Structure

  • Course is designed for 12 weeks per level

  • Weekly 2 hrs/session

  • Teacher Student ratio 1 : 15

  • Awarded level wise certificates after successful completion. 

  • The certificates are available online for verification

12 Weeks/Level

Teacher Student ratio 1 : 15

2 hrs/session

Verify certificate online with QR Code

Activities in Abacus Class

  1. Indian Abacus classes are 100% practical

  2. Timed speed writing exercises to write numbers in their book

  3. Image Flash where the students will need to identify numbers and speak them out loud.

  4. Timed exercises using the student abacus, where the student solve exercises from their book

  5. Oral Sums: where the student needs to answer to verbal exercises given by the Abacus Tutor

Indian Abacus Image Flash

Image Flash

Speed Writing

Speed Math

Listening Exercise

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Indian abacus for children.jpg

Indian Abacus Franchise Opportunity

Indian Abacus has franchise centres across India and other countries. Over the years, our centres are running successfully and increasing steadily. Indian Abacus program is a research of 10 years and proven technique. Our methods not only strengthen math skills and academic performance but also enhance their brainpower. Indian Abacus is backed by state of the art support system ie., FMS, for franchise operations that are easy to operate with exceptional results. This will satisfy each parent who registers with Indian Abacus beyond expectations.

Abacus Franchise opportunity with very good ROI

What our Students say

We are very proud of the service we provide and this is what some of our students told us about their experience and the results they achieved from it.

Analytical Skill

Whole Brain Development

Academic Performance

Kathiresan C H

SBOA School


I knew only Abacus with beads which were shaky and could not arrive at the correct answer. Whereas in the Indian Abacus even if we shake the answer will not change and stable and the colour images – Red and Green is visible even if we view at a distance and hence it is useful for stress-free learning. 

Indian Abacus Student Kathiresan

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Image of Indian Abacus online worksheet

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Online abacus practice software

Online Abacus Practice Software

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