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Business Opportunity

Unit Franchise

This is one single center Operations.  The Franchisee runs the center only.  Enrolling children into the center trains them and certifies them.   The incomes for franchisee will be mainly from the coaching Fee and a marginal income from the cost of the New Student Kits.


Franchisee can also work as the Indian Abacus Tutor for and for that he/she should get trained by the company’s Chief  / Sr. trainer.  To start coaching the initial batch of students in the new center, the Tutor should be trained in the 1st level.  Subsequent levels training will be provided at the appropriate prescribed time periods.  Taking the 1st level training, the center could start operating the center.


  • Brand

  • Newly Invented Abacus tool - Product 

  • Product assurance/guarantee

  • Tutor Training and Training Materials

  • Tutor Abacus 

  • Franchise Centre promotional Kit  

  • Abacus Tutor Kit (at the time of level training)

  • Franchisee ID and Visiting Cards

  • Abacus Tutor ID Card

  • Soft copies of editable design printed stationery