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The Franchisee after signing the Franchise Agreement –


  1. Establishes centre premises – in a residential area with good frontage.  Centre to have a couple of classrooms, one admin. Room with the basic amenities (drinking water, toilets) in the centre.  To fix Name board.

  2. Centre premises to have – Class and other rooms to be airy and with adequate lighting

  3. White Board/s with marker pens and one Tutor Abacus for the centre

  4. The centre is furnished as required – Classrooms should have desks and chairs / benches.  The Seating should at least be for 15 students at a time in a batch.  The admin room will also be furnished as required with a few chairs for the parents to sit while waiting to receive children after the classes get over or to meet the Franchisee / Counselor  

  5. To have the required printed stationery.  Receipt book, admission book, fee register, Student Applications (from the company) and other stationery.

  6. To purchase & keep 15 nos. new Student Kits and other Level Course material depending upon the students in the centre and their expected progress in the program.

  7. To keep adequate marketing and promotion material for marketing the program.  Brochures about program details for information to the parents of the centre.

  8. Effective & continuous marketing and promotional efforts are essential for the centre to get regular enrolments.


1.          Make Franchise Centre fees for Initial 3 years period. Franchise Fees is a non-refundable fees, payable actually towards the of permitted usage of license - ‘Indian Abacus’ brand, permitting you to use the brand name and logo for a period of 3  years from the date of signing the Franchise Agreement, subject, of course, to the conditions therein the Franchise Agreement. The Company – Indian Abacus Private Limited, Chennai, India, would provide you Indian Abacus products, Course material,  training, certification and other Franchisee related benefits. 

2.         Franchise Agreement will be signed – a contract for pursuing Indian Abacus Coaching business, procuring Indian Abacus, Course  and other material.  Franchisee appointment will be completed with the signing of the Franchise Agreement.  You will  be  provided with 1 no. Franchise Kit, consisting of initial promotional material – Posters, Banners and others, free-of-cost.

3.         Nominate an Abacus Tutor (A graduate and good in communication in English language and of course in the local language). The   Abacus Tutor nominated will fill in the Abacus Tutor Application form expressing interest to get trained and work as Abacus     Tutor in the center attached to her as place of assignment.  Abacus Tutor nominated will be trained upon receipt of  Abacus Tutor Training Fees.  Abacus Tutor Agreement will be signed together with the Franchisee, as a tripartite agreement. Tutor will be provided the Training Kit free-of-cost.

4.         Discuss the modalities about the administration – General Administration & Academic Administration.

5.         Procure the Student Initial Kits, Level Material.  Cost of Student Initial kits and Level based Course material. 

6.         Fix the launch date & Do >>> PRE - LAUNCH PROMOTION.  

7.         Provide all the information related to the parents, enroll Students & get the formalities completed & provide them the Student Kits.

8.         Start the classes on  pre-planned date.

19.       Before the end of 1st level – i.e. at least 2 weeks before procure the 2nd level Course Material making payment of the cost of material and certification.

10.       Training will be provided for the 1st level first – to the Abacus Tutors.  After 2 months ensure the Abacus Tutor reports for the next level of Training.

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