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Abacus Calculation

Abacus was the first known tool in history which aided Learning Numbers & to Calculate Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Using Abacus Tool, it is easier & quicker for the child to Learn Number concepts. Learning NUMBERS and their  RELATIONS make calculations Easy, Very Fast & Accurate.


How abacus works?


Abstract numbers are converted to concrete images / pictures which help children to understand numbers, number concepts and basic operations easily.


As illustrated below, the Indian Abacus, or abacus, is a calculating instrument with a number of counting slider / beads that slide back and forth along column / rods.


A crosswise bar (center bar)  divides the  Indian Abacus into two parts. The  upper  part  consists of a row of the  “5” value slider / beads and the lower part consists of  four rows  of the “1” value slider / beads. Every single slider / bead above the bar has the value of “Five" and  the beads  below  the  bar  have the value of “One" respectively. The columns toward the left always have higher digit values (1, 10, 100, 1000 …) than those toward the right.


Dots are to be used to indicate the unit point of numbers or a decimal point (after the pointer / first digit of right side is meant for decimals).

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The Objective of the product

and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

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