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Business Opportunity

State Regional Franchise

This is a State Level opportunity.  The Global Franchisor (We) would sign the State Franchise agreement with the State Franchise/company. And the one who signs for this will be allotted the respective Districts, where the State Franchisee is permitted to appoint Franchisees, each of them permitted to run ONE OR TWO coaching centres.  The State Franchise's earnings will be a major percentage of share from – Franchise Fees, Franchise only for Skype coaching through online, Abacus Tutors Training Fees, Skype coaching, Student Kits & Level Course material.


State Franchise - Director or anybody work as the Indian Abacus Chief Tutor for and for that he/she should get trained by the company’s Chief  / Sr. trainer.  To start coaching the initial batch of students in the state franchise, the Chief Abacus Tutor should be trained in the 1st level.  Subsequent levels training will be provided at the appropriate prescribed time periods.  Taking the 1st level training, the state franchise could start their operation.

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