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  • What is Indian Abacus?
    Abacus Mental Arithmetic Education for Brain Skills.
  • What is Abacus?
    Abacus is the tool used for counting / calculating. Since Abacus is a physical object with a frame and beads to count, calculating using abacus give us an objective experience. The beads & bead images are the objects to actually count. The bead images represent the numbers and values. That is, while calculating using abacus, the numbers are converted into beads/bead images and finally they are converted back into number / value Calculating using abacus therefore takes us from abstract to objective experience in counting / calculating. Children practicing to calculate using abacus over a period of time become so accustomed in doing it following the methodology adopted that they can internalize the abacus bead images and do the calculations very fast and accurate.
  • What is the eligible age group for the children?
    5 to 14 years.
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