Franchise Opportunity

Frequently asked questions

How are Franchise appointed by Indian Abacus?

  1. You can take anywhere in India and the World provided there is no other Indian Abacus Franchise within 1.5 Km radius.
  2. Franchise is given to the person who has the passion to excelin children education with go-getter attitude and is willing to do business on long term basis.
  3. Apart from all, the person should have excellent entrepreneurial skills and is willing to use the technology and system prevailing at present.

What is special in taking franchise of Indian Abacus?

  • Indian Abacus is pioneer in introducing abacus based mental arithmetic in India in the year 1999. Our company has got a unique abacus tool viz., Digital & Non-Digital for students and Tutors.
  • Our Abacus tool is patented and hence you have no competitor for this tool.
  • The company offers affordable Franchise Fee with lot of marketing support materials and International standard quality books.

Does Indian Abacus accessible to remote places too?

There are three categories:

  1. Category A is for State Capitals
  2. Category B is for Major Towns
  3. Category C is for remote places
The category is designed based on the affordability of the people. Obviously Category A requires more investment compared to Category C.

How much space required for starting a Franchise?

You need to have minimum of 600 sq.ft class room with board, furniture facility for students.

What is the investment amount required to take up a franchise?

The initial investment may vary based on the area/country for setting up a franchise. To have a brief knowledge, you are requested to call our office – Mobile 7200 227 227

What is the duration for which a franchise is given?

The franchise is given for 3 years initially, after which it can be renewed.

How much can I gain?

  • The earning of a Franchisee is directly proportional to the number of students enrolled.
  • Indian Abacus is exploring all possibilities to promote brand name and business development through various ways like advertisements, ads through social media, conducting competitions etc.

How much area is protected to a franchise for its functions?

The area of operation for a unit franchise is within 1.5 Kms radius, and for its operations in the schools, the area is not defined.

Can I own more than one franchise?

Yes. You can own more than one center.

  • In case of 2nd Center within your radius of the 1st center, extension Franchise fee is chargeable.
  • If the 2nd Center is outside your area of the 1st Center, a new Franchise fee is applicable for the same.

I am a house wife. Can I own a franchise?

If you have the passion for teaching children and want to start your own education center, we will guide you achieve your goals.

Do I have to be a math graduate to become a trainer?

You need not be a math graduate. Basic knowledge on maths is essential. Your ability to communicate and teaching skills will play a vital role to become a trainer.

How Indian Abacus ensures effective coaching to tutors?

  • Indian Abacus has got hour wise systematic syllabi for tutors
  • The tutor manual is provided to every tutor to ensure quality of teaching to students.

How our franchise win their business?

It is needless to say that hardwork and smart work will win always. Many franchises started humbly with low investment and have earned lot of money.

How abacus education help students in mathematics?

In the Indian Abacus education, numbers are converted into colour images and vice versa. Hence when a students want to do basic calculations, he can do very fast by seeing the numbers. Abacus education helps students on logical thinking. Logical approach is essential for step by step mathematical calculations.

How teachers can teach the course for the given academic year?

  1. To start with, school teachers are given stringent training for two days for the first level to completely understand the basic concepts and formulae.
  2. Then teacher will conduct classes for 8 consecutive weeks.
  3. Then they are eligible for the second level and subsequent level training.

What is the vision and mission of Indian Abacus?

Our Vision To create niche & leadership position and grow in size steadily to attain 10000 centres by the year 2020. Our Mission To set bench mark in training to develop brain skill of young children and help bringing out hidden talent.