Indian Abacus National level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition-2017

The Indian Abacus National level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition took place at Chennai Trade Centre (CTC), Chennai on Saturday, the 6th May 2017. 1400 students participated in the competition and the crowd was 12000 and more. The hall inside was at intervals in pin drop silence reminding the post - whistle 5 and 8 minutes duration when all the 320 students glued to their seats ran their fingers on the abacus at a speed unusually high and writing the answers in the slots provided under each sum. Batch after batch the students steadily walked into the hall assisted by the gatemen greatly patient not showing the signs weariness... more

Venue : Chennai Trade Centre A/C Chennai

6th May 2017


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उत्पाद का उद्देश्य

और कार्यक्रम छवि स्मृति के माध्यम से बच्चों की मस्तिष्क शक्ति को बढ़ाने और गणित की गणना को आसान बनाकर गणित के डर को दूर करना है।

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