Indian Abacus is Unique

Indian Abacus stand unique on following structures compared to others in the world:

  • We are the pioneer to introduce Abacus Based Education in India.

  • We are the first to introduce Digital Abacus for Students and Teachers in the world.

  • We trained thousands of trainers for lakhs of students.

  • We have professional trainers to train abacus teachers / tutors.

  • Schools / Students who joined conventional abacus are switching over to Indian Abacus program because of new generation tool abacus which is totally stress free learning and digital technology.

  • We have effective training methodology and Training manuals / materials for all Levels to create efficient trainers.

  • We are in the Abacus based education servicenearly two decades and hence it is needless to say that we have rich experience in the field of Abacus based Mental Arithmetic Education.

  • Others use the age old conventional Abacus whereas Indian Abacus is unique in design, colored images, good looking background & totally stress free and not on par with others

  • We have our Franchise Management System where in all Centre / school Operations can be done by all Franchises / schools.

  • We have the SKYPE online Abacus Training Facility and our Digital Abacus is compatible with Computer.

  • The digital version  can be fitted to any Computer with USB port and can be operated and a child can learn Abacus course - any where at any time.

  • Ours is a professionally managed company passing on maximum benefits to the Franchises.

  • We are ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified organisation.

  • Indian Abacus has footprints in Limca book of Records, Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records, Assist Book of Records and other records to follow.


Una institución certificada ISO 9001: 2015 .

El objetivo del producto.

y el programa consiste en mejorar el poder del cerebro de los niños a través de la memoria de imágenes y eliminar el miedo a las matemáticas al facilitar los cálculos aritméticos.

  • ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified
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