Global Grading Examination (GGE)

For Tutors

Global Grading Examination for Abacus Tutor is conducted by Indian Abacus, Global Head Office India. Grading examination offers an opportunity to check the Abacus Tutors prowess keeping in view the international quality levels.The question paper is prepared by Indian Abacus, Global Head Office India and the evaluation is also done by Indian Abacus at our Indian Abacus, India. This is done with a view to ensuring that the quality of all the trained Tutors internationally is the same.


Faculty supervision: The franchise centre staff are not allowed to supervise, an external faculty is arranged.


Tutors undergoing training must take up all levels of Tutors grading exam every level. This will not only give them confidence in their abilities and teaching skills but also give them Global.


مؤسسة حاصلة على شهادة الأيزو 9001: 2015 .

هدف المنتج

والبرنامج هو تعزيز قوة الدماغ لدى الأطفال من خلال ذاكرة الصورة وإزالة الخوف من الرياضيات من خلال تسهيل العمليات الحسابية الحسابية.

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